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  • Fritter needs a loving family!

    Fritter needs a loving family!

    Fritter is a tiny little guy and as sweet as can be! He’s a quiet boy and shy when he first meets you, but it only takes him a few minutes to rub his face in your hand and snuggle into your lap. You can’t help but fall in love! Since Fritter is a young […]
  • Meet the black & white siblings!!

    Meet the black & white siblings!!

    Cute little Orick is a domestic short hair black & white male kitten and his birthday is 5-2-18. Orick is the most energetic, playful kitten ever. All he wants to do is chase toys, climb and hang from things. He would do well in a home with children, other cats and maybe even a cat-loving […]
  • Pasha needs a home!

    Pasha needs a home!

    Pretty little Pasha, is a Very striking domestic short hair ‘brown’ tabby, but her coat is mostly black. She’s considered a classic tabby with swirls instead of stripes and she has a luxurious coat. She’s a tiny girl, probably a whole 8 pounds. She’s a little over three years old and her birthday is 3-13-15. […]
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