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  • Sochi needs a home!

    Sochi needs a home!

    Sochi is a pretty domestic short hair dilute or muted tortoiseshell female cat, with gorgeous green eyes and cute markings, and her birthday is 2-6-16. She has just finished raising a litter of kittens, which have all found their forever homes, and now it’s her turn! She enjoys taking long naps on the couch and […]
  • Meet Astro!!

    Meet Astro!!

    Meet Astro! This darling Chihuahua mix is about 9 years old and had a very rough start! He was found as a stray and came into the shelter with severe dental disease. He had most of his teeth removed in the shelter before he was placed with SPOT. When his foster mama noticed he still […]
  • Stu Journey- A Dog’s Tale

    Stu Journey- A Dog’s Tale

    Like so many others before him, Stu, a 55 lb black and white pointer mix, came into the shelter as a malnourished stray who was emaciated and barely surviving on his own. He likely had been on his own, injured and alone for quite a while. He was at least 20 pounds underweight. If you […]
  • Santorini has a new family!!

    Santorini has a new family!!

    Congratulations to Santorini who will now be a part of a big loving family and will also have a new feline big sister.
  • Chestnut is adopted!!

    Chestnut is adopted!!

    Look at Chestnut.. adopted!! This cutie, now Doby, will get all the love he deserves with his new mom. Way to go Doby!
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