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  • Dan Fouts has been adopted!!

    Dan Fouts has been adopted!!

    Charger puppy Dan Fouts, now Jason, aka Jase, has found his new family! Jason has two human siblings and two feral rescue kitty siblings, waiting to welcome him into the family! Here is a pic of Jason’s first day in his new home! Precious!!


    Hawaii’s Story: Hawaii and her friend Kona (who is blind) were living in San Diego down by the border. Their owner went missing and was pronounced dead. Which is sad in itself, but even sadder, no one knew about Hawaii and Kona. They were not discovered for three more weeks. So, for three weeks they […]
  • Pirate has a new mama!!

    Pirate has a new mama!!

    Pirate came into the shelter with an injury to his eye and it had to be removed. The shelter reached out to SPOT to find him a very special home. Our foster Barbara fell in love the first day and became a foster failure. He is now a brother to Gigi — another SPOT foster […]
  • Kola has a new, loving family!!

    Kola has a new, loving family!!

    HAPPY BEGINNING ALERT! Look at Kola.. ADOPTED!! She has two human siblings as well as a giant cat waiting at home to welcome her into the family!! Kola will definitely get all the love and attention she deserves!!
  • Ariel is adopted!!

    Ariel is adopted!!

    Check out Ariel.. ADOPTED!! Lucky Ariel is off to her new forever home in Dana Point:) Foster Cathy was very sad to see her go😭 Way to go Ariel!!
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