Treston needs our help!

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  • Treston needs our help!

    Treston needs our help!

    Happy St Patty’s Day Ever-buddy! Thanks for shamrockin’ my eye surgery fund-raiser! I wanna give you a little update. I’m still only leprechaun-sized but my vet says I’ll be big enough to fix my funny eye in 3-4 weeks! Yippee! I’m feeling the luck o’ the Irish for sure because he also said he could […]

    In 2016, SNAP spayed and neutered 5,117 cats and dogs. This is HUGE considering that 2 unaltered cats an their offspring can produce over 400,000 kittens in 6 years and 2 unaltered dogs over 67,000 puppies. With YOUR help, we were able to make a difference and reduce pet overpopulation in our area significantly. The […]
  • Cupcake needs a loving family!!

    Cupcake needs a loving family!!

    CUPCAKE’s Story… AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION! Meet Cupcake! She is a very special little girl, only 8 lbs.. She is about 8-10 yrs old; but still active and loves going on long walks. Her favorite thing is to cuddle up on your lap for as long as you will allow her. Everyone who has met Cupcake […]
  • “Travels With Mowgli!!

    “Travels With Mowgli!!

    Mowgli was recently adopted to a wonderful family and now spends life on the road.. Here is what dad tells us.. “Mowgli is doing great! He has pretty much learned that high value items; stick and food shaped toy; belong to me and he doesn’t have to fear losing them. We will be stepping up […]
  • Mackenzie has a new family!!

    Mackenzie has a new family!!

    Look who has a new family.. Mackenzie!! Mackenzie, aka Ms. Mac, was adopted today after 10 months with SPOT! Mac was scheduled for euthanasia at a local shelter for being very shy and growling. She was 6 months old when SPOT saved her life, and spent 10 months in her foster home before finding her […]
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