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  • Florence Adopted!!!!!

    We are happy to announce that Florence has found her forever home!!! She will be living across the street from Buena Vista Park so she can play all the time!!!! A “HUGE” thank you to Chris, Kathy, and Kadence for welcoming her into your home..Way to go Florence!!!  
  • ABBY has found her home!!!!!

    Our lil’ girl Abby has FINALLY found her forever home!!!She is moving out to Valley Center and will have everything she needs.  We are so happy for you have been through a lot and deserve the best!!! Way to go Abby!!!
  • Malibu Adopted!!!!

    Malibu was adopted at the SPOT adoption event at PETCO in Escondido!! Thank you to Vicki for giving this furry love a forever home!!! Way to go Malibu!!!
  • Look at Jax..aka Jason

     Hello! We just wanted to give an update on Jax, or previously known as Jason. He is doing really well in our home. We are so lucky to have him in our family. He loves to play and cuddle and is doing reallywell in potty training. 🙂 We look forward to seeing him grow up. […]
  • Look at Shoshone…Adopted!!!!

    We have a very happy kitty…Shoshone was ADOPTED!!!! She is going to her forever home today with new mom Kris…Way to go Shoshone!!!!
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