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  • Check out Jack…ADOPTED!!

    One of Gracie’s pups, Jack ,was finally adopted by a loving family!! We are so happy for you…way to go Jack!!!!
  • Sequoia found his forever home!!!

    Sequoia was adopted!!! Here he is with his new family, Kaitlyn and her daughter Lily. Both Kaitlyn and her husband, who is in the Armed Forces, love kitties and have had them as pets growing up. Way to go Sequoia..we are so happy for you and your new family!!!
  • Look at Walter..ADOPTED!!

    Walter was adopted by a wonderful family who live on the bluff’s in Newport Beach. Ocean view and a cool breeze for our ole boy.  We are so happy for you…Way to go Walter!!!
  • Florence Adopted!!!!!

    We are happy to announce that Florence has found her forever home!!! She will be living across the street from Buena Vista Park so she can play all the time!!!! A “HUGE” thank you to Chris, Kathy, and Kadence for welcoming her into your home..Way to go Florence!!!  
  • ABBY has found her home!!!!!

    Our lil’ girl Abby has FINALLY found her forever home!!!She is moving out to Valley Center and will have everything she needs.  We are so happy for you have been through a lot and deserve the best!!! Way to go Abby!!!
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