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  • Look at Jax..aka Jason

     Hello! We just wanted to give an update on Jax, or previously known as Jason. He is doing really well in our home. We are so lucky to have him in our family. He loves to play and cuddle and is doing reallywell in potty training. 🙂 We look forward to seeing him grow up. […]
  • Look at Shoshone…Adopted!!!!

    We have a very happy kitty…Shoshone was ADOPTED!!!! She is going to her forever home today with new mom Kris…Way to go Shoshone!!!!
  • Look At Jessie…Adopted!!!

    We had another lucky family at Puppy Palooza today!! Jessie was met by Amanda, David, and daughter Drew and immediately fell in love!! This is one happy family!! We’re so happy for you Jessie!!!
  • Jason Is Adopted!!!

    Look who was adopted today..JASON!!!!! We had Puppy Palooza today and and an awesome couple, Heather and Ethan, took Jason home!! We are so happy for you three!!! Way to go Jason!!!!
  • Petey Update!!!!

    Petey is the best dog ever. He sits, shakes, catches blueberries in the air, chooses toys from his basket but as yet doesn’t return them 🙂 I think he misses another dog (Tino) but has a friend he visits on his walk every day and has many people friends who shower him with attention. We […]
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