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  • Look at Archie Now!!!!!

    We are thrilled and so in love with our Archie.  He is the greatest addition to our wonderful family 🙂 He is known at Dog Park as the “Ring Leader”. He is very popular!  This was taken last night after park time and a bath 🙂
  • Shawnee Adopted!!!!!

    Wendy adopted Shawnee tonight it was love at first site for both of them. Shawnee’s forever family is Wendy and her husband, their son who, two dogs that adore cats and a ten year old Black Cat , Sugar. Sugar has been missing their cat that passed and will be happy to have a new […]
  • Ruka was adopted!!!!!

    Ruka got adopted!! She loves her new family…They will be keeping her name. She is going to at home with a brother who is 6 months, grandma and mom. No children and no dogs. She will be an indoor only and no plan on declawing. Ruka couldn’t be happier!!!
  • Look at Khaleesi aka Tiffany!!

    Just wanted to let you know that Tiffany (we are calling her Khaleesi, Khali for short!) is doing great! Within a 1/2 hour of coming home, she already had a run of the house. She is so sweet and loving but also so playful and funny. Thank you again for everything!! Thank you Saya for […]
  • The “Potter” Kitties!!!!

    Look at Brody, Bingham, and Bridget…Now it’s Neville, Sheamus, and Lily!!! They are the “Potter” Kitties!!! You don’t need to worry about little Lily, she isn’t shy at all.  She may never be a lap kitty but she is brave, sweet and curious.  She tried to take Katie’s toast right out of her hand this morning.  Right now she is […]
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