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  • Canalou has a new mama!!

    Canalou has a new mama!!

    Canalou was adopted!!We wish her and her new mommy a life full of happiness 💕
  • Sapphire hit the jackpot!!

    Sapphire hit the jackpot!!

    Miss Sapphire has hit the jackpot and going home to live in San Clemente with her new family!! Way to go girl.. we can’t wait for updates!!
  • Butterscotch is adopted!!

    Butterscotch is adopted!!

    Look at Butterscotch.. adopted!! Butterscotch went home today with his new family of four human brothers and mom and dad! The ‘boys’ have been working on mom and dad for several years to get a pup to call their own, and Butterscotch, now Gizmo has a loving family to throw balls to him all day […]
  • Floyd has a new family!!

    Floyd has a new family!!

    Check out Floyd.. adopted!! Floyd, now Ozzie, with his new mom and dad! We didn’t have a chance to post Floyd for adoption before he was swooped up! Thank you Brooke for fostering Ozzie and helping him get healthy so he could find his new family 🙂
  • Cupcake is adopted!!

    Cupcake is adopted!!

    Cupcake found her forever family! This is one happy day for the SPOT team that saved lil’ Cupcake from 4 terrifying months in the shelter with a eyes so damaged, she was scheduled to have them removed. Thanks to many loving souls, sound medical advice and oversight, healing communication, and tons of loving care, 8 […]
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