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  • Look at Baxter now!!!

    One year ago, Baxter..aka Danny De vito…was pulled from a shelter in Bonita..He was in rough shape..fur missing and a skin condition…very skinny…It is amazing what a little love and attention can do….Look at him now!!
  • Valentine’s New Home!!!!

    I just wanted to let you know that Loki & Valentine (black one- who we have renamed Shinobi) are now best friends. Jeni
  • Sheldon and Brixy Updated!!

    Here are some recent picture of the dynamic dual of trouble!!~ LOL!! The one in the window is them hunting fly’s…too cute!!  I was leaving and saw them…I had to stop and take a few pictures!! You can really see Sheldon’s mask and points coming in…both a wonderful!!  Last night they both slept under the […]
  • 2nd SPOT Anniversary with an Adoption!!!!

        SPOT had it’s 2nd anniversary celebration on Sunday…and it  was a huge success!!! We had volunteers with their dogs and fosters even brought their SPOT dogs!!! We had a fabulous birthday cake and plenty of treats for the dogs!!!  Our pups Tonka, Saucy, Spicy, and Chevy were a big hit!! fact.. Spicy was […]
  • Unleashed Adoption event by PETCO at Bressi Ranch, Carlsbad

      SPOT had a great weekend at Unleashed at Bressi Ranch in Carlsbad.  All the “Flower Puppies” Azalea, Buttercup, and Iris were adopted!!! Congratulations to Katie, Leah, and Brielle on your new addition to your families.  A “HUGE” thank you goes to foster mom, Ann, for caring for the pups.. Thanks to you all!!!!!
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