A Tribute for Goomba and Shiba…

A Tribute for Goomba and Shiba…


We saved Shiba from being ran over on Clairemont Mesa Blvd when she was a 7 months old and adopted her as our own. I called her Baby Button Nose. She just was so wonderful and sweet. I called her parrot because she loved to snuggle on my shoulders whenever she felt scared.

We adopted Goomba from Tecalote Canyon. She was always very sickly with hypoplasia, but we made it our mission to do whatever it took to give her a happy life. Goomba loved food more than anything; she was always sitting in front of the fridge waiting for her treats. She especially loved orange chicken.

They were my babies and slept with me everynight. It was just a joy having them in my life and hard to get used to life without them.

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