Foster mom Noel

Foster mom Noel

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Noel has been missing some of her favorite kitties since they keep getting adopted so
Dawn was ready for more. She just got this (two litters combined) underage kittens that were in jeopardy because they were under 1 lb. She is already busy mothering them and has one of the white ones climbing all over her! The white kitty, Teazle, loves Noel!!

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Recently adopted SPOT dog Noel is a foster pup with 9 foster kittens. SPOT cat foster, Dawn, took on 7 tiny gruel babies a week ago. They were all very needy and crying until they met Noel. Almost instantaneously, the crying stopped and the kittens were getting licked and loved and they became happy and content. It’s the most heartwarming thing to watch. She seems to be enjoying and loving them as much as they enjoy and love her.
On Friday, SPOT Cat team leader, Lori, asked Dawn if she could take two more tiny babies that happened to come into the shelter while she was there. The shelter was closed and they were too young to be on there own throughout the night without someone to watch over them. Lori pulled them and amazingly Dawn took on two more, or rather, Noel did! Again, it was instantaneous that Noel accepted them as part of her brood.
The two new kittens names are Diamante and Haiku (brother and sister). Stay tuned for more information on Noel and her foster kitties!!

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