Look at Sammie!!!!!

Look at Sammie!!!!!

I thought I’d let you know that Sammie has found her stride at our house. She runs like a nut and can now fearlessly negociate the stairs. Sam digs many holes in the backyard. Doesn’t dig to get out, but to find some kind of doggie treasures. She sure seems to enjoy doing it. She and Trevor, my boycocker, get along great. They don’t play together, but they are buddies.

She still can’t open her mouth all the way, but is happy to play fetch with stuffed toys. She pounces on the toy and shakes the heck out of it. Sam is still on the thin side, despite increasing her food amount. But is holding her own at 23-25#s.

We love Samantha mucho and cannot thank SPOT enough for saving her. She sleeps in bed with us, as does Trevor. I need a bigger bed! It’s all good. Sam is the BEST. 

Hope that all is well with you guys and your furkids.



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