Meet Galina!

Meet Galina!



Her foster parents — Tamilyn and Jeff said she gets along great with their kitties and dogs and are adopting galina. She will be with her brother, former spot dog, Winston. Way to go Galina!!!


Are you looking for a playful friend for your dog? Galina is a sweet, young and inquisitive little kitty, at about 6 pounds. She loves to cuddle up next to you, be petted and she purrs the whole time. She is talkative and very social. She does well with cat savvy dogs and other kitties. She is very active, loves to explore and plays with any cat or dog that is willing to join in the fun. She’s in a loving foster home with her kitten, Ginko and it would be amazing if she could be adopted with her. Please consider adopting two, it’s the best thing you can do! Click here for Galina’s profile

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