SPOT is again partnering with Thrive and Rescue Express, Second Chance Rescue and Lionel’s Legacy to bring back 104 at risk puppies and kitties with and without moms from Louisiana on April 17th!!!. They have asked for our help as there are still thousands of people without permanent homes from the flooding last fall and now it is puppy season on top of it. That means if we do not step-up, many animals will be losing their lives. There is just not enough space in their shelters or people able to adopt for the number of animals coming in. They also do not have the extensive rescue network that we have created here in San Diego. So, while we will still be doing our part here for the animals in need in San Diego, we will also be bringing in a large number of puppies and kitties. We need your help and support to do this. We need many supplies to take this on. So please visit our Amazon Wish list and help out any way you can.
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We appreciate your support!