Stu Journey- A Dog’s Tale

Like so many others before him, Stu, a 55 lb black and white pointer mix, came into the shelter as a malnourished stray who was emaciated and barely surviving on his own. He likely had been on his own, injured and alone for quite a while. He was at least 20 pounds underweight.

If you look at your index and middle fingers, hold them together, that was the width of his back. Stu had hip dysplasia and was in an enormous amount of pain. The injury may be from being hit by a car. The reason for his injury is uncertain. It appears to have been an older injury, as his back leg was atrophied, and his spine has curved due to overcompensation for his injured leg and hip. Needless to say, this poor boy was in pain and needed help. The shelter reached out to rescue groups, as they do not have space to rehab someone with such severe needs and without a rescue group, Stu would have faced euthanasia. To read full story, Click here