Medical Fundraiser!

Medical Fundraiser!

Help Marina!

Marina, who joined SPOT last Saturday, is being treated for a broken jaw. She had to have several teeth removed, as her broken jaw was untreated for over 30 days and her jaw bone was infected.

She will be having surgery on Monday after the antibiotics have had a chance to work. A very nice vet tech helping treat her is fostering her through this ordeal.

Marina wants to thank all of her supporters and donors, she is in good hands and will get the life saving treatment she needs!

Oodles of Doodles!

SPOT recently rescued 17 Doodles, as many of you know. They came to SPOT from a backyard breeding/hoarder situation. Matted fur, long nails, fleas, very shy and not used to human love, yet so sweet and forgiving.

We need help raising money, $8,000 we’re guessing so far in medical or needed surgeries. Any amount helps these babies.

So far, we have :

-2 that need FHO surgery for genetic abnormalities in their hips on one side
-3 that were treated for ear infections, two were severe and in both ears
-All treated for severe flea infestation
-X-rays for 4 that had various hip, chest and throat issues
-1 is awaiting neuter due to the diagnoses of a heart murmur, vet wants him to see a cardiologist before they will neuter.
-3 needed a groom due to matts, long fur, inability to see due to overgrown fur, and treatment for allergies.

Please help us help them!
To donate, Click here for a Shelterluv pay link for using a credit card.
For Venmo, Click here or use QR code.

We appreciate your support of SPOT and the Doodles!

-Here are a few of the 17 Doodles that overall needed treatment-

Red, now Fred:

Carol, now Izzy:



Big Guy, now Benny:

Pink, now Hazel:

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