OCEANSIDE: Humane Society’s new head wants to expand services

OCEANSIDE: Humane Society’s new head wants to expand services

Expanded services in North County and an open invitation to animal rescue  groups are among what Gary L. Weitzman foresees for the San Diego Humane Society when he takes over as its new  president and chief executive officer in May.

“I don’t think we’re ever going to solve the problem of homeless animals  without cooperation. I’m a big advocate of working with rescue groups,” said  Weitzman, who is coming to San Diego from the Washington  (D.C.) Animal Rescue League, where he’s been president and chief executive  officer since 2008.

“I definitely want to make sure that the community knows I’m really committed  to working with every group that’s out there,” Weitzman said.

That’s good news to Kris Nelson of Oceanside, who two years ago formed the  animal rescue group Saving  Pets One at a Time (SPOT) partly out of frustration with the San Diego  Humane Society after it absorbed the North County Humane Society in January  2010.

“I’d love to talk to him about how we can work together. I’d love to let  bygones by bygones and start a whole new chapter,” Nelson said. “Give me a  reason to work with the San Diego Humane Society. We’re all on the same page. We  want to save animals.”

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