Spot Wins Grant from the PetCo Foundation for Spay and Neuter Programs

Spot Wins Grant from the PetCo Foundation for Spay and Neuter Programs

Congratulations to SPOT for winning a $10,000 grant from the PetCo Foundation for our Spay and Neuter activities. SPOT is offering FREE spay or neuter surgery for cats or dogs to any North County family (three max per household). The focus of this program is pitbulls and chihuahuas which are the most commonly found breed in our San Diego shelters. SPOT is an advocate for prevention of homeless animals and by offering this service, we hope to cut back the numbers of homeless animals who are taken to the shelters and then euthanized.

For information on how your limited income household can participate please email [email protected], or call the SPOT Hotline 760.593.SPOT with a description of the animal, age, name and your phone number. SPOT will contact the you to set up an appointment for the procedure. (Sorry, no shelters may apply at this time).

And now…Meet the first SPOT recipient of The SPOIT Spay/Neuter fund, Bubba, a two year old blue nose Pit mix.

Bubba’s owners are a young couple struggling to make it in a difficult economy.  They adopted Bubba as a rescue when he was just a puppy.  Within a week Bubba had developed mange and had became very sick with Parvo.  This amazing couple spent their savings and took out a loan to pay for his treatment, and fortunately, little Bubba survived.  However, since they were still paying off the loan for his Parvo treatment, they could not afford to have him neutered.

Knowing that neutering is very important in today’s overcrowded world Bubba and his family are grateful to SPOT and the PetCo Foundation. Their generosity helped this family do the right thing for their community and for Bubba.

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