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  • The “Potter” Kitties!!!!

    Look at Brody, Bingham, and Bridget…Now it’s Neville, Sheamus, and Lily!!! They are the “Potter” Kitties!!! You don’t need to worry about little Lily, she isn’t shy at all.  She may never be a lap kitty but she is brave, sweet and curious.  She tried to take Katie’s toast right out of her hand this morning.  Right now she is […]
  • Look at Poki!!!!

    Check out Poki!!!! Last year he was one of our adoptable kitties and went in to get neutered…but never came back!!!! Christina fell in love with him and adopted him… He is doing “Awesome” Christina says…Way to go Poki!!
  • Bianca..aka Olivia has a new home!!!!

    Olivia’s new name is Bianca. She is the most delightful kitty ever born! She and Bungee get along great. She likes to sleep on him when I am not available! Thank you Beverly for her update!!! She looks great!!! Way to go Bianca!!!
  • Frosty..aka Gilly Has a New Home!!!

    Look at Frosty (Gilly)… He is relaxing in his new home… New mom Nicole, says “He has the run of the house!!!!” We are so happy for you Frosty!!!!
  • Capri has a new home!!!!!

    Capri was adopted!!!! Congratulations to Ryan and Roxanne…Thank you for making her a part of your family!! Way to go Capri!!
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