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  • Look at Starla…ADOPTED!!

    Check it out..Our lil’ Starla was ADOPTED!!! She was met by new mom, Kathy, and it was love at first sight!!! We are so happy for you two…Way to go Starla!!!!
  • Look at lil’ Brownie!! New Home!!!

    He was rescued moments from euthanization..and look at Brownie now!!! He was adopted by Alyssa and will have a wonderful family to grow up with!! We are so happy for you Brownie..Way to go!!!
  • Rusk and Joice were Adopted!!!!

    Check out Rusk and Joice… ADOPTED! Here they are seen chillin’ with their new Dad and brother pup!!..We are so happy you found your forever family… Way to go you two!!!
  • Jax update!!

    Jax update!! He is one of Gracie’s pups!! Look how big he is getting in the last 7 weeks!! Heather says he is doing so well… He is very playful and precious. Thank you for the update Heather.. Looking good Jax!!!
  • Mr. Topper in the News!!!

    Mr. Topper was a 4 year old Poodle that was adopted back in January and look at him now!!! He is a therapy dog for Fallbrook High School!!! What an amazing trip this pup has taken!! Thank you to Cat for the update…Way to go Mr Topper!!!!
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