Sammie’s Adoption Story

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  • Sammie’s Adoption Story

     I pulled two teenage kittens from the Palomar Shelter last Thursday afternoon and right before I left to go get them there was an e-mail from Cathy at the Palomar shelter saying an owner had just turned in his 7 year old purebred American Shorthair Classic Silver tabby boy kitty named Sammie. I talked to […]
  • Big President’s Day!!!!

    We had a very good day yesterday for the President puppies!!! We have new home for Reagan, Hoover, Abraham, and Carter!!! and also Chevy was there…and has a new home!! What a great day for our puppies!!!!
  • Look at Baxter now!!!

    One year ago, Baxter..aka Danny De vito…was pulled from a shelter in Bonita..He was in rough shape..fur missing and a skin condition…very skinny…It is amazing what a little love and attention can do….Look at him now!!
  • Valentine’s New Home!!!!

    I just wanted to let you know that Loki & Valentine (black one- who we have renamed Shinobi) are now best friends. Jeni
  • Sheldon and Brixy Updated!!

    Here are some recent picture of the dynamic dual of trouble!!~ LOL!! The one in the window is them hunting fly’s…too cute!!  I was leaving and saw them…I had to stop and take a few pictures!! You can really see Sheldon’s mask and points coming in…both a wonderful!!  Last night they both slept under the […]
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